Research Synopsis:

Our research focuses on integrated photonic device and optoelectronic materials. Our interests span from fundamental physics to engineering applications. We perform experimental study on the fundamental coupling and interaction between photons, electrons, spins and phonons in nanoscale devices and materials. We employ state-of-the-art top-down approaches to fabricate devices and structures with various materials. We utilize integrated photonic circuits as optical breadboards to investigate and exploit the optoelectronic properties of novel materials including 2D crystals, magnetic and quantum materials. We measure fundamental physics parameters with the highest precision, develop novel devices for microwave, optical and quantum communication and computation, and build tools for chemical and biomedical sensing, medical diagnostics and neuroscience.

positions Available
Join us on an amazing journey of light.

We have an opening for a postdoctoral associate to work in the areas of quantum photonics and microwave photonics.
To inquire, please send an email including a CV and a research statement to Professor Mo Li (moli96 at uw.edu).
Graduate Student:
We recruit new graduate students every year. Prospective graduate students interested in joining our group should apply to the PhD program in either the Department of Electrical Engineering or Physics, University of Washington. An undergraduate degree in electrical engineering, physics, applied physics or related fields is required.

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