09/16/2021: Our PEAQUE (Photonic Engine to Accelerate Atomic Quantum Engineering) project is selected by NSF to advance to the Phase 2 of the Convergence Accelerator program. See more at: NSF Announcement, UW ECE News

06/17/2020: Li group receives a DURIP award from ONR for an ultrafast laser system to study phase-change materials.

05/01/2019: Group alumni Dr. Nathan Youngblood will join the Department of ECE at the University of Pittsburgh as an Assistant Professor. Congratulations, Nathan!

12/01/2018: Li group acknowledge a significant amount of charitable donation from Tektronix for the aquisition of a suite of top-of-the-line microwave/RF instruments. Those include a 23 GHz 4-channel mixed signal osilloscope (MSO), a 26.5 GHz real-time signal analyzer (RSA) with 165MHz acquistion bandwidth, and a 50 GS/s arbitrary waveform generator (AWG).

11/20/2018: We moved into our newly renovated lab space in EE Building lower basement. Research will resume soon!

09/01/2018: Mo Li group moved to the University of Washington from the University of Minnesota, after 8 years in the Twin Cities. Mo joins the UW faculty in both ECE and Physics departments.

“Nothing can be found in nature that is not a part of science.”
- Leonardo da Vinci